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Day 34: Altea (This and That)

When I awoke this morning at about 8.15am it felt a wee bit chilly. On checking the temperature inside the van it was 1°C and, outside it was -4°C. No

Day 33: Altea (Cycling)

The thing about this blog posting malarkey is what to put in and what to leave out. Obviously nobody's interested in reading about the minutiae of van/cycle life, so there has to

Day 32: Altea (Damp!)

A somewhat damp day with light showers leading to heavier rain later. Here's a view of the current park-up location with a view of the hill I cycled up in the background! A

Day 31: Altea (Drive/Cycle)

The view towards Benidorm from Serra de Bernia Well it seemed like a good idea when I set off, but it wasn't long before I realised that this Saturday afternoon cycle was not

Day 30: Denia (Finale)

As with all good things, the finale had to arrive. And it did so in style. Lynn created a great ride to end our set of Denia rides. A ride that took us