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Just Like a Phoenix ...

This blog has been dormant for a while now, but it is about to be resurrected! Previously this blog was used so that I could be tracked whilst touring the United States of

Day 177: New York (Day 1)

I awoke to a rainy New York City: But that did not matter as I was off to MOMA. My thoughts regarding the museum are mixed. Firstly, it was far too busy for

Day 176: New York (Manhatten)

This is the end ... my beautiful friends the end .... Obviously I knew it was going to happen: eventually this cycle tour had to end, but it only seems like 5 months, 2 weeks,

Day 175: Wildwood State Park

So today I passed into a 4th State in just 4 days: Massachusetts => Rhode Island => Connecticut => New York. This was my penultimate riding day of this tour, which included a

Day 174: New London

For the past few weeks I have been following the East Coast Greenway (ECG). Most of the route through Rhode Island is on excellent dedicated cycle paths with much shade. As I rolled

Day 173: Providence

.... perhaps they're off to a turkey shoot! At some point, I know not where, I left that part of the USA known as Massachusetts. And, at some point, I know not when, I