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Day 112: Mairé (Cycle)

It was good to get out on the bike today having spent 2 days in the driving seat. However, the temperature this morning, as I set off at 10am, was about 8°C.

Day 111: Mairé (Drive)

A 9.15am kick off, and parked-up at about 5.15pm. My latest location is in a very small village about 17 kilometres west of Châtellerault, adjacent to the River Creuse. I like

Day 106: Loja (Cycle)

Riding along with the wind coursing through my beard! As yesterday's not so interesting cycling day recedes in the rear view mirror, the enjoyable scenic riding resumed today. The greatness of

Day 105: Loja (Drive/Cycle)

The good news is that the rear brake worked as it should throughout today's 91 kilometre ride. Unfortunately, I'd have to say that the route itself wasn't

Day 103: Antequera (Cycle/Drive)

A something old something new something borrowed something blue kind of day: * I rode on some old roads that I cycled last year; * New roads I rode for the first time this year;

Day 102: Álora (Drive/Cycle/Drive

First a drive to Barriada de la Estacíon, where I had originally planned to stay for one night. However, I'm starting to feel time constrained: On the eighth day from today

Day 99: El Bosque (Cycle)

Today's ride went like this: 1. I rode up the A-372 for roughly 15 kilometres, which is the road I came down from Puerto de El Boyar on yesterday; and, also

Day 98: El Bosque (Drive/Cycle)

Today I rode up one of my favourite climbs, but first: Before arriving at Zahara de la Sierra there were some minor climbs to overcome: Here is a photo of the Castillo of

Day 97: Algodonales (Drive/Cycle)

A day of: Four pueblos: Algodonales, where the ride began and ended: Olvera, atop a hill: Ronda, atop a cliff edge: Zahara de la Sierra, atop a hill and adjacent to a reservoir:

Day 96: Puerto Serrano (Cycle)

Sometimes you make a plan, and then, somehow it becomes something set in stone that must, by any and all means, be completed. That is, it takes over and dominates in such a

Day 91: Sevilla (Walkabout)

With it being Maundy Thursday and, therefore, a religious holiday, there were many folk out in their Sunday best visiting their church. Indeed, so many that queues were formed outside. Another consequence is

Day 90: Sevilla (Drive)

If rain was not the dominant, current and forecast, weather phenomenon I quite possibly would have given Sevilla a miss and continued with the cycling. As it is, I've hardly seen