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Day 104: The End!

That's it folks! This Spanish odyssey has come to an end and I've returned to the UK. The white cliffs of Dover The numbers have been crunched: * Total distance driven: 3,710 miles

Day 100: Beasain (Drive/Cycle)

Oh yes, A century of days! After a drive, there was a very pleasant cycle in the Basque countryside. Photographs were taken using my mobile phone. Unfortunately the phone has been acting up

Day 99: Lerma (Arrival)

Self portrait with tree and lamppost: 10°C at 8.30 this morning as I walked to the train station - at least 24°C in the sun as I walked back to

Day 98: Pinto (Prado Visit)

Atocha Railway Station Facade: An early start meant a chilly start: 7°C at departure from the van at about 8.30AM. It did mean that I arrived at the Prado Museum to

Day 97: Pinto (Arrival)

Clarifications and Corrections: In my previous post I asserted that I cycled to Jean, what I should have written is Jaen. Apologies for any confusion this may have caused. Today's post: Yesterday it

Day 96 Cabra (Cycling)

Given that I'm currently parked-up in Cabra it seemed appropriate that I should bump into a flock of goats (goat collective nouns: flock, herd, tribe, tripe, drove and trips) These were seen on

Day 95: Cabra (Cycle)

The human body is a very amazing odd contraption! I go for a very pleasant cycle ride and there is hardly the slightest intrusion from the many mosquito bites somewhat randomly distributed over

Day 94: Cabra (Arrival)

There was a bike ride planned for today. However, due to lack of sleep last night brought about by an invasion of mosquitoes, Plan B was invoked: Drive to new location and take

Day 93: Ardales Campsite (Cycle)

A pleasant cycle today that took in a view of the southern end of the Cominito Del Rey, which effectively is the end point of yesterday's guided tour. Here is a photo of

Day 90: Olvera (Cycle)

Cycling today was a game of two halves. The first being the Via Verde de la Sierra. Apparently it was voted the best of the Via Verdes but, I know not who got

Day 89: Olvera (Cycle/Drive)

For all you cyclists out there, I highly recommend the climb from Zahara de la Sierra to the Puerto de Los Acebuches. If you are in the area it is a must do

Day 88: Grazalema (Drive/Cycle)

So the clocks went forward. My circadian rhythm remained unchanged. So I awoke at the usual time and, therefore, was an hour late for the start of the day! Accordingly, today's bike ride

Day 87: Ronda (Cycle)

I rode south out of Ronda on the A-397 for about 22 kilometres. It was a fairly busy road and then I turned right. The contrast was stark: it was a single track

Day 86: Ronda (Cycle/Drive)

It's funny the connections the brain randomly makes. You may have heard of "A Fish Called Wanda", well, I'm in a place called Ronda! Although, I nearly didn't stay: The reason being that