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Day 41: El Campello (Cycle)

The weather forecast was for some rain, but the probability was pretty low. I therefore decided to go for a shorter ride than I'd originally planned for today. Then, if it did rain,

Day 40: El Campello (Arrival)

Phew, nearly no photo for today's post! Saved the day with an evening photo of a sextet of motorhomes/campervans: It is amazing just how much of today's time has been spent doing

Day 39: Benidorm (Another Walk!)

Sometimes you have an itch that has to be scratched! Well Benidorm become an itch for me. Firstly as a consequence of my earlier cycle ride when I'd seen some interesting buildings, which

Day 38: Relleu (Walk!)

A visit to the local bakery first thing to buy bread and a wee post walk pastel to eat with my afternoon coffee, which cost me €2.10! Today's walk was recommended to

Day 37: Relleu (Drive/Cycle)

Sunrise at the dam this morning: The first climb of the day was up to Puerte de Tudons. Although the sign says 11.4km to the top, this is from the northern outskirts