March 20, 2015

Day 0: London to New York (17th March 2015)

Welcome to this Year's Where is Dave? Blog: A continuation of last year's Where is Dave? Blog.

So this is Day 0, the first of approximately 180 posts for this year's bicycle trip in the USA.

The adventure began with a hop across the Pond to New York where, thankfully, I was met by the lovely Christi, who very kindly agreed to put up with me for a day or so and to give me quick orientation of Manhatten. Thanks so very much Christi for your generosity.

And it continues tomorrow with some sightseeing followed by a 21 hour train journey to Chicago.

But first it is off to the local Afghan restaurant for our evening meal before, finally getting to bed almost 24 hours after rising from a bed in England, some 3,500 miles away.