USA 2015

The Second of Dave's 10,000 Mile North American Cycling Odysseys Documented by Daily Posts. The route is different and only lasted 176 Days.

Day 177: New York (Day 1)

I awoke to a rainy New York City: But that did not matter as I was off to MOMA. My thoughts regarding the museum are mixed. Firstly, it was far too busy for

Day 176: New York (Manhatten)

This is the end ... my beautiful friends the end .... Obviously I knew it was going to happen: eventually this cycle tour had to end, but it only seems like 5 months, 2 weeks,

Day 175: Wildwood State Park

So today I passed into a 4th State in just 4 days: Massachusetts => Rhode Island => Connecticut => New York. This was my penultimate riding day of this tour, which included a

Day 174: New London

For the past few weeks I have been following the East Coast Greenway (ECG). Most of the route through Rhode Island is on excellent dedicated cycle paths with much shade. As I rolled

Day 173: Providence

.... perhaps they're off to a turkey shoot! At some point, I know not where, I left that part of the USA known as Massachusetts. And, at some point, I know not

Day 171: Orleans

So I left gay Provincetown at approximately 10am for an easy ride to Orleans where I stayed with Richard, from last year's South Tier group, and his family. I had a

Day 170: Provincetown

Well folks, there is less than a week left of this year's cycling odyssey: I shall arrive in New York next Wednesday, so only 6 more days of cycling. I am

Day 169: Boston (Rest Day)

Much walking in Boston today and a visit to the Fine Art Museum ($25, extortionate if you ask me, especially as the museums are free in the UK, you just have to pay

Day 168: Boston

Shocking! You'll no doubt be glad to hear that this morning I awoke feeling much better and eager to get back on the bike. So today I must have cycled on

Day 167: Salisbury State Beach

Warning: this blog entry is not to be read by those of a particularly sensitive disposition that may be offended by the mention of bodily fluids! Well it can't be good

Day 166: York Harbor

I returned to "the holy donut" and had: 1. Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt Donut 2. Blueberry Donut 3. Lemon Glaze Donut 4. Cappuchino with 2 shots of espresso 5. Grapefruit

Day 165: Portland

Last night I stayed with Derek and Lindsey, and a very pleasant evening it was too. Today I cycled to Portland where I'm staying with Sheila and her family whom I

Day 163: Belfast

Just like Scotland, after many days of overcast, foggy, damp weather, the sun finally makes an appearance. The ride from Bar Harbor to Belfast was a slight variation from the outward bound route.

Day 162: Bar Harbor (Resting)

Did I mention that Maine reminds me of Scotland? Well it is raining again, need I say more? But to compensate, Maine does have Desert Island Ice Cream, which sells The Dude: White

Day 161: Bar Harbor (Cycling)

Way back in the last century J. D Rockefeller Jr. directed and financed the construction of 57 miles of Carriage Roads, and 17 bridges, in what was to become Acadia National Park. These

Day 160: Bar Harbor Campground

So having left San Diego, California, on the 24th March 2015, my most westerly point, I arrived in Bar Harbor, Maine, my most easterly point, some 154 days later on the 24th August

Day 159: Balsom Cove Campground

Whilst cycling through New England's Maine State today I was reminded of cycling in Old England and in particular Scotland: The lush green, the lakes, the hills and the inclement weather

Day 158: Camden Hills State Park

Well, fortunately for me, yesterday's weather forecast for today was incorrect, at least the rainy bit was. Instead it turned out to be a very pleasant day for cycle: overcast, so

Day 157: Brunswick

Today was the rainiest rainy day of the tour. It rained most of the night but, fortunately, stopped long enough to get up and pack up the tent in the dry. It them

Day 155: North Woodstock

Although I past into North Hampshire yesterday, I did not manage to photograph this until this morning: So today's plan was to cycle to Conway, which would require a reasonable amount

Day 154: Orford

By the time I'd visited the Co-op and the bakery (for some pastries and a coffee breakfast) it was a rather delayed start to the day's cycling: 9.40