USA 2015

The Second of Dave's 10,000 Mile North American Cycling Odysseys Documented by Daily Posts. The route is different and only lasted 176 Days.

Day 153: Middlebury

So the day was all going well until .... First of all let's just say that I enjoyed the morning in Burlington and Tyler treated me to some excellent coffee and a

Day 152: Burlington

Eventually, at midday, I managed to drag myself away from David and Mary's; it was not easy as I was enjoying the chat and the food. But, fortunately, it was made

Day 151: East Montpellier

After breakfast in Bristol it was an ascent over the Appalachian Gap where there is a killer sting in the tail of the climb: I nearly ran out of gears! The day was

Day 150: Middlebury

So I'm pleased to have left New York State, at least for a while. Now when I answer queries as to where my destination is (New York) I will not get

Day 148: Old Forge

Today's main events: 1. Chased by a dog 2. Chased by another dog (a bloody great dane) well, kind of, he mainly bounded alongside the road. 3. An old lady said

Day 147: Pulaski

I awoke this morning and it was still raining, so rolled over and went back to sleep. However, there appeared to be a break in the rain at about 8am. So I hastily

Day 146: Fair Haven

I left Macedon this morning with not a cloud in the sky, by 3.30pm it was persisting down with rain! I took shelter in Fair Haven's Irish Pub and Restaurant

Day 145: Macedon

Another relaxing day, mostly spent in Rochester. After a slow start, I visited Mike's favourite coffee shop (Java's on Gibbs St) to update my blog, which turns out to

Day 144: Rochester (Rest Day)

So the Eastman (of Kodak film and camaras) photographic museum was somewhat disappointing. Although they proudly profess to have in excess of 450,000 objects, almost non were on display to the public.

Day 143: Rochester

So Niagra Falls was interesting. In particular I think it would make for a great photographic project on natural phenomenon, tourism, tourists and the making of money. Last night I shared my motel

Day 142: Niagara Falls

Today I had an hour to while away before the bicycle shop opened and was informed that the only coffee shop nearby was Tim Hortons, which is a Canadian franchise. Oh boy, it

Day 139: Port Stanley

Last night the fee for camping at what I thought was going to be either free, or close to free, actually costs $37.50, which I baulked at. I did ask if there

Day 137: Leamington

Health warning: this is a long post! What a day! On the road at 7.40am ish, with the aim of catching the ferry to Peelee Island, Lake Erie, Canada, some 70 miles

Day 136: Bowling Green

Just another day at the office! 90 miles of cycling, blue skies all day, a tail wind, sone ice cream, a smoothy, scenery, photographs, people, quiet roads and more ice cream. I passed

Day 135: Monroeville

Yesterday, whilst in Denver, Indiana, in the local cafe, the TV was on and I was informed that it was snowing in Wyoming and Montana! Meanwhile, here in Indiana, today's weather

Day 134: Wabash

Here are numerous reasons why they don't make them like this anymore: The pavement had already ended: And it was rough: It's a goat's life: Later, after

Day 133: Rensselaer

The heat and humidity continues, but wind mainly from the south and I was heading mainly east; clearly a minor improvement. Passed into Indiana but, again, there was no welcoming sign. The first

Day 132: Ashkum

Headwinds, heat and humidity, does not make for ideal riding conditions. So retired to the air conditioned library at Odell for an hour or so at peak heat to plan future route and

Day 131: Henry

For the first part of today's ride it most definately felt odd returning to solo riding. I certainly was not missing the early starts but did miss the company of some

Day 130: (RAGBRAI Day 7)

That's it, RAGBRAI has concluded. Tomorrow I return to cycling in a group that consists of one, rather than with some 10 - 15 thousand other riders. Ice cream queue: I