August 3, 2015

Day 139: Port Stanley

Last night the fee for camping at what I thought was going to be either free, or close to free, actually costs $37.50, which I baulked at. I did ask if there was a discount for cyclists, especially ones that had ridden from San Diego, but was informed that there was none, and nothing could do done to vary the fee as the rates are set by the Authorities!

However, fortunately, I managed to stay for free!!!

Overnight the worst storm I have been exposed to on my cycling odyssey occurred. It came in three waves, so just as you thought it was over it got violently worse again. The rain was so hard and loud on the tent, coupled with the noise of the wind in the trees, it was difficult to hear the thunder. So even though I was very tired from the previous night's lack of sleep it was another broken night's sleep.

I have therefore decided, after an unheard of cycle touring day lie-in until 8.30am, to have an easy half day of cycling followed by some R&R in Port Stanley, which turns out to be a quaint lakeside town. And I've been informed that there is free camping to be had down by the lakeside beach.