August 3, 2015

Day 138: Clearville Municipal Campground

After yesterday's travails I was looking for any easy and relaxing day and ride, which I managed until approximately 6.15pm. At this time I was blissfully cycling the last section of the day's ride (18 miles from Wheatley to the campground) when I heard some shouting. Being naturally curious I was keen to see what all the fuss was about, only to realise that the shouting was directed towards an Alsatian (German Shepherd) dog, which was heading towards me at a high rate of knots, slavering, barking and baring teeth.

Well, clearly the owners had absolutely no control of their dog, as it took no heed of them, instead, it was intent on one thing and one thing only: me!

Which I should have assumed from the outset. Unfortunately I naively thought they'd successful call the bloody stupid thing to heel! So neglected to have the All Purpose Bear Spray deployed!!!!

I therefore resorted to shouting "No Stay", which was as much use as tits on a bull!

Eventually it was so close, and going crazy barking that I dismounted and placed the bike between me and the dog. This seemed to work and the dog calmed down and started to back off. But, as soon as I got back on my bike and started to move off it again ran towards me barking its head off. So again I dismounted.

Fortunately a car driver positioned their car on the roadside shoulder and sounded the car's horn, which frightened the dog off long enough for me to remount my trusty stead and ride off. The car driver followed me and each time the dog tried to close in on me the driver again sounded the car's horn, at which point the dog owner shouted, "if you run over my dog I'll fcking rip your fcking head off". Clearly a case of better to keep quiet and let people think that you are an idiot than to open your mouth and thus remove all doubt. Stupid people and their stupid out of control dogs!

.... the adventure continues!