April 18, 2024

Day 112: Mairé (Cycle)

It was good to get out on the bike today having spent 2 days in the driving seat. However, the temperature this morning, as I set off at 10am, was about 8°C. So it felt very cold; especially as the initial 45 kilometres of the ride was predominantly in a northerly direction with a cold north-easterly wind, which resulted in a further reduction in the felt temperature due to the wind chill effect. Fortunately, I was dressed for winter!

However, as I turned south, wind chill was no longer a factor and I started to warm up. Indeed, by early afternoon, the gloves and jackets were off, such that, I was cycling in early summer conditions: short sleeve cycling top and base layer!

The cycle route was cobbled together by connecting some Michelin designated "scenic routes". I'd say that although the route was fairly interesting it certainly was not sublime in its scenicness! Just ok.

Here's a photo of the church at Oyré:

Leaving the Port of Piles:

And another church at Chaumussay:

  • Distance driven: 0
  • Distance cycled: 104 kilometres
  • Weather: Cold in the AM, Warmer in the PM, variation in the extent of cloud cover throughout the day.

Today's route: