August 2, 2015

Day 136: Bowling Green

Just another day at the office! 90 miles of cycling, blue skies all day, a tail wind, sone ice cream, a smoothy, scenery, photographs, people, quiet roads and more ice cream.

I passed into Ohio today. For a change there was a sign:

The other thing is that, for the first time in weeks, I have had the opportunity to cycle in the shade of trees. It was pleasant to do see so many trees after so long with so few trees to see. Indeed so pleasant I took some photographs:

It is funny how something that is common place and you take for granted back home becomes something special when it has been absent for a while.

Tonight I am staying at Lane and Heidi's who are Warm Shower Hosts. Beer and Pizza for dinner, great sustenance after all that cycling and great company and chat as well: Lee from Korea is also staying, but he is cyclong from east to west rather than west to east (also, he is using warm showers all the way to LA from NY!).