August 9, 2015

Day 143: Rochester

So Niagra Falls was interesting. In particular I think it would make for a great photographic project on natural phenomenon, tourism, tourists and the making of money.

Last night I shared my motel room with Carol, who I first met in Montana. Being a non sexist gentleman, she slept on the floor!

Anyway, it was good catching up with her and to hear about her own cycling experience.

She also introduced me to AirB&B, which appears to be an increasingly popular way for residents to make money by offering space/rooms/houses for rent on a kind of bed and breakfast basis.

So tonight I will experience my first night's stay in "a room within a great neighbourhood" located near to the photography museum I wish to visit tomorrow in Rochester, which is the reason I'm spending a rest day here. And AirB&B, although not cheap, is significantly cheaper than any motel I could find in the area, or thereabouts.

However, prior to arriving at said room I had a most pleasant ride alongside the Erie Canal.

It turns out that the room IS located in a great neighbourhood and is rented by a young couple: Mike and Danielle, who have made me very welcome in thier home.