August 9, 2015

Day 144: Rochester (Rest Day)

So the Eastman (of Kodak film and camaras) photographic museum was somewhat disappointing. Although they proudly profess to have in excess of 450,000 objects, almost non were on display to the public. Indeed the photography appeared to be an after thought with the main emphasis being on displaying the opulence in which he and his family lived.

However, the Peter Greenaway's film "Stairs 1 Geneva" was being shown. And, although I initially entered the room thinking that I'll just take a quick look just to see what is about I was very quickly enthralled by it. So stayed and watched the complete film: it is educational, informative and entertaining, so fulfils each and every requirement to be shown on the BBC. I wonder if it ever has or ever will be shown by the BBC given that dumb reality shows appear to by the staple fodder for the BBC these days. Shame.