August 12, 2015

Day 146: Fair Haven

I left Macedon this morning with not a cloud in the sky, by 3.30pm it was persisting down with rain! I took shelter in Fair Haven's Irish Pub and Restaurant (beware of less than welcoming old man who pounces upon bedraggled cyclists - perhaps he is more welcoming when they are dry!).

Anyway, shortly after I'd fed and watered the rain abated a while. Indeed, just long enough to cycle to State Park, register and pitch tent. I was somewhat put out that the $15 price tag turned out to be $22.50 once the $5 "out of State" and $2.50 "registration" fees were added. Needless to say, but I will, I was not best pleased by this added expense. Oh how I miss the Hiker/Biker sites of the more enlightened States!

On a more cheerful note, this morning I was subject to a random act of kindness: A disabled gentleman drove into the disabled parking space at the local supermarket, he asked if I was having my breakfast to which I replied in the affirmative. On returning from doing his shopping he presented me with a doughnut, "I fancied one and so bought one for you also", said he. "What a pleasant suprise", said I, "thanks very much."

Why not counterbalance random acts of violence with random acts of kindness?