August 12, 2015

Day 147: Pulaski

I awoke this morning and it was still raining, so rolled over and went back to sleep. However, there appeared to be a break in the rain at about 8am. So I hastily dressed and packed the tent with a view to getting on the road before it started raining again: although it did not rain until a shower sprinkled my tent just after I'd pitched it at Pulaski many hours later. And as I write this at the launderette (a chore that needs to be undertaken every 4 days), the sun is out. Although the forecast is for more rain tonight!

So originally the plan was to stay at the State Park near to Port Onterio but, thinking that last night's fee was rather steep (for a State Park), I decided to go for the private campground a little further up the road. Also, given that it was a short ride I dawdled somewhat, which turned out to be a mistake: the private campground wanted to charge me $55 to pitch my tent for the night! Obviously I was not going to pay that. So had to cycle on, with a view to pitching the tent before the rain came on, which it looked like it may at any time (The tent was stowed wet, so I wanted it to dry before it got wet again!).

So off I road towards Pulaski, not to sure as to where I was going to sleep. Anyway, as I road into town I saw the fire station. So having stayed at one of these establishments on one of last year's ACA tours I asked Rich, the Fire Chief, if I could camp behind the fire station, to which he agreed. Only to change his mind just as I was about to put my tent up!

Instead, it was deemed better if I pitched my tent down at the grounds where they do their training. Obviously I agreed. So thanks to the Pulaski Fire Department I am able to sleep for free, instead of $55. Thanks.