August 12, 2015

Day 148: Old Forge

Today's main events:

  1. Chased by a dog
  2. Chased by another dog (a bloody great dane) well, kind of, he mainly bounded alongside the road.
  3. An old lady said she did not mean to run me off the road as she turned into the parking lot. Nonetheless, she succeeded.
  4. I was admonished by an old man supported by his Zimmer frame for using inappropriate language as an old lady ran me off the road!

    As for the cycling, after a few easy days in the saddle it was a great day of cycling as I road into the Adirondack Hills.

    Also over the past couple of days I've noticed a significant increase in the number of trailer homes. Also many a property I passed today was in a pretty poor state of repair: Although by no means all of the properties, there were emough to suggest that there is much poverty in the area.