August 26, 2015

Day 161: Bar Harbor (Cycling)

Way back in the last century J. D Rockefeller Jr. directed and financed the construction of 57 miles of Carriage Roads, and 17 bridges, in what was to become Acadia National Park. These roads are closed to motor vehicles, which clearly is a good thing for cyclists, hikers and equestrian types.

So today I cycled some of these roads and passed over a number of the bridges. Indeed the bridge designs are stunning both in terms of their engineering and integration into the existing landform.

Reluctantly I eventually left the carriage roads and rejoined the paved roads so that I could visit the Wendell Gilly Museum.

Wendell became a world renowned carver of wooden birds. I was keen to see them as I know someone who has a seagull wood carving that I have coveted for a number of years! But I do realise that its current owner is a far better custodian than I.