August 26, 2015

Day 162: Bar Harbor (Resting)

Did I mention that Maine reminds me of Scotland? Well it is raining again, need I say more?

But to compensate, Maine does have Desert Island Ice Cream, which sells The Dude: White Russian Ice Cream. Not only that, it tastes exactly how you'd expect it should. Fantastic. Best ice cream shop of the tour.... so far ... one has a duty to continue the quest to find the perfect ice cream in the USA ... the World ... ney the Universe, but how can you know until you've tasted them all?!!

This afternoon I found a bar showing Champions League Football, so watched the game and had a couple of pints. Finally, I went to pay, only to be shocked and suprised to discover that they'd secretly been paid for! Amazing, thanks and happy adventures to you both.

It is now almost 9pm, I know, an hour past biker's midnight but, sod it, I'm off to get one last White Russian Ice Cream before I leave Bar Harbor! Buses leave every half hour for the campground.

Back on the road tomorrow: Destination New York City ..... all downhill from here then!