September 2, 2015

Day 165: Portland

Last night I stayed with Derek and Lindsey, and a very pleasant evening it was too.

Today I cycled to Portland where I'm staying with Sheila and her family whom I met outside a great breakfast joint in Camden. They kindly offered to host me and great hosts they have been. Thanks.

On the way I met a retired ballet dancer, John, aged 32! Who has sold all of his belongings with a view to perpetual cycle touring, well, for now anyway. You can view his progress here

Whilst on the subject of fellow cycle tourists, I thought that I had experienced some travails until I read this blog by Shirley (she was a member of the fantastic group of people I rode with on the Southern Tier ACA Route last year).

In Portland, on the recommendation of the lovely Christiana, whom I met the second time I visited a great breakfast joint in Camden, I paid a visit to the "the holy donut"; purveyors of donuts made from potato. Thanks for the recommend Christiana, I shall return!