August 23, 2015

Day 158: Camden Hills State Park

Well, fortunately for me, yesterday's weather forecast for today was incorrect, at least the rainy bit was. Instead it turned out to be a very pleasant day for cycle: overcast, so not too hot, low 70s°F (low 20s°C), with a light breeze that on another day may have been designated a headwind!

Maine is busy. Yep, I know it is the height of the tourist season, and it may be because it is Saturday, but the roads are very busy and many are narrow, so not for the feint hearted!

Also, it is funny how there are days when I just cannot bring myself to camp, yesterday was one of those days, whilst there are other days when I would not want to do anything other than camp, today was one of those days.

Had my first roadside truck/cafe lobster roll, which was an expensive pleasure. Tomorrow it will be crab! Perhaps!

Finally, my disposition has returned to its usual joyful equilibrium! after its temporary fall into gloom, which came about as a result of the very inclement weather, accommodation costs and, no doubt, lack of ice cream / beer / coffee / chocolate / sone other drug of choice / hugs / cuddles (substitute as necessary)! Actually, I enjoyed cycling in the unusually warm rain. I therefore think the gloom was predominantly due to accommodation costs and the recent inordinate time spent/wasted finding somewhere to stay.

Indeed, I know some like to plan everything down to the finest detail, but not I. I'm much more of a go with the flow and let's see what happens kind of guy and, anyway, what's the point in planning to the nth degree when the plan is bound to change anyway? And, thus, because I've not planned far enough ahead I find myself in the unenviable position of not being able to find accommodation, at what I think is a reasonable price, in the likes of Bar Harbor and Boston and, no doubt, the Labor Day Weekend is going to cause me no end of problems. Although it did not last year, but then I was out West!

Well, that turned out to be a rather long final ramble/rant!