September 9, 2015

Day 175: Wildwood State Park

So today I passed into a 4th State in just 4 days: Massachusetts => Rhode Island => Connecticut => New York.

This was my penultimate riding day of this tour, which included a ferry ride from New London to Orient Point, Long Island.

On the recommendation of others I have altered my intended route in to New York City so that I enter it from Long Island rather than the mainland. The advice is that this will be a more enjoyable route in.

So far it has mainly been on bicycle route 25, which is effectively the hard shoulder of a fairly busy single carriageway road, but at least it exists; even if it is not ideal and noisy. Indeed, I'm sure there are some that would argue that we are lucky to even have that!

So to night I'm staying in the largest campground on Long Island, which I did not realise was the case until I arrived. Fortunately it is almost empty, so hopefully it will be quiet!

I must say that I am a wee bit excited at the thought of cycling in to New York City. My plan is to arise early in the morning, have breakfast, and then take a leisurely 80 mile ride in to Manhatten so that I can savour the experience.

Indeed, I find that when cycle touring, each evening is like Christmas Eve, which is primarily due to the anticipated joy and experiences that will occur during the following day's ride. There is also the unknown that tomorrow will bring but, no matter how tough or easy the day's cycling has been, it is the thought of doing it at least one more time that envokes the anticipated joy, excitement and pleasure. I can almost not wait for tomorrow to arrive so that I can get back on my bike and ride. The great thing is that the actuality of tomorrow typically does not disappoint.

And people ask why you do it!

Tonight I am having this same experience in spades! Let's hope I'm not disappointed!!!