September 2, 2015

Day 167: Salisbury State Beach

Warning: this blog entry is not to be read by those of a particularly sensitive disposition that may be offended by the mention of bodily fluids!

Well it can't be good every day can it? Yesterday was fantastic, today was anything but!

I left York Harbor a little before 8am, a little hungover. So the cycling was at a little more sedate than usual.

Eventually I arrived in Portsmouth's Plunckett Park, dashed to the toilet/washroom/bathroom/WC/cludge/latrine where bodily fluids were ejected from a multitude of orificia! Which resulted in me feeling better for all of five minutes!

Thinking that I needed to be near to said toilet/restroom/bathroom/WC/cludge/latrine, which I visited for similar ejections a further two times, I remained close to the receiver of bodily fluids until approximately 2pm, whence I gingerly commenced cycling again. It did not help that the temperatures were in the high 90s°F with similarly high humidity levels!

I eventually chucked it, with a total riding distance of 35 miles for the day and an average speed of 8mph, at Salisbury State Beach, even though at $39 it turned out to be my most expensive tent pitch whilst in North America (indeed, anywhere in the world!): But, at the time I did not care too much.