September 3, 2015

Day 168: Boston


You'll no doubt be glad to hear that this morning I awoke feeling much better and eager to get back on the bike.

So today I must have cycled on all possible types of road and bicycle trails imaginable, except for a Freeway/Interstate, there were:

  • Quiet tree lined country roads;
  • Busy narrow country roads;
  • Very busy urban roads;
  • Super Busy two and three lane; roads;
  • Narrow dirt tracks
  • Paved bike paths
  • Cinder track bike paths
  • Gravel bike paths

    These all occurred along the ECG (East Coast Greenway), which appears to be a work in progress. The New Hampshire section was well signposted, whereas in Massachusetts the signage was virtually nonexistent, but fortunately I only got lost once (Newburyport), as I'd previously created a gps route of the ECG.

In Massachusetts the ECG appears to have been designed to provide road links to various bike trails within the State. If they could improve the signage and the on road sections it could prove to be a popular cycle route. I saw plenty of cyclists on the off road sections, but virtually none on the road sections. Shame.

In addition, alongside one of the bike trails I came accross this:

Which I think is a good idea, except the track pump needs to have a pressure gauge in order that the over zealous do not explode their tires!

Highlight of the day: The owner of Treadwell's Ice Cream, Tom Goulding, on hearing that I was nearing the end of this year's 10,000 mile cycle tour, gave me ice cream for free. Thanks Tom. And by the way the Peach Ice Cream was very good.