August 22, 2015

Day 155: North Woodstock

Although I past into North Hampshire yesterday, I did not manage to photograph this until this morning:

So today's plan was to cycle to Conway, which would require a reasonable amount of climbing, with the final climb being a 12 mile ascent to Kancamagus Pass.

But at 2pm I decided to opt out of cycling the Kancamagus Pass and called it quits for the day.

  1. I was very hot: it was about 100°F
  2. Very sweaty: the humidity was in the 90s
  3. Very thirsty: Even though I'd drunk much fluid both on and off the bike, both yesterday and today, perhaps I was a little dehydrated.
  4. Very Tired: too many recent late nights (way past biker's midnight) and early mornings. And no rest day for a while.
  5. I felt a little queasy: Thought that I should eat something so had a vegetarian wrap, but although the food was okay, I didn't enjoy or eat all of it.
  6. And most importantly, I wanted to enjoy this final long climb but felt that in my current condition I would not.

So, instead, I got myself a motel, put the air conditioning on full blast, had a shower, got a large quantity of iced water, and then went to bed for a few hours of sleep. When I awoke I felt better so stuffed my face at a local Greek restaurant followed by a large quantity of ice cream. Then it was back to bed for some more sleep. Hoping I'd feel refreshed in the morning.