March 20, 2015

Day 1: New York (and train to Chicago)

Currently sat on train to Chicago. It is 19:44 with approximately 14 hours until we reach our destination.

Earlier in the day Christi and I travelled on the NY Subway, where the following sculptural form was to be found:

Again, Christi very graciously gave up her time to show me some of the sites to be found in lower Manhatten, including "Ground Zero", Wall Street and the Statue of Liberty (actually, for all you pedants out there - not in but, seen from Manhatten!).

oh yes, it is (was) cold with very strong winds (probably 9 or 10 on the Beaufort Scale!), which made it feel even colder than the 30f air temperature. And there was even a very light flurry of snow around breakfast time (which was consumed in Gotham Cafe).