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Day 32: Altea (Damp!)

A somewhat damp day with light showers leading to heavier rain later. Here's a view of the current park-up location with a view of the hill I cycled up in the background! A

Day 31: Altea (Drive/Cycle)

The view towards Benidorm from Serra de Bernia Well it seemed like a good idea when I set off, but it wasn't long before I realised that this Saturday afternoon cycle was not

Day 30: Denia (Finale)

As with all good things, the finale had to arrive. And it did so in style. Lynn created a great ride to end our set of Denia rides. A ride that took us

Day 29: Denia (Cyclismo)

Some pretty tough cycling was had today. Perhaps some of the toughest I've encountered. Yet it was an excellent day of cycling: great company; great scenery; tough climbs; great descents and; the sun

Day 28: Denia (Cycling)

After yesterday's rest day for me (the Norton Wheelers Posse went for an afternoon cycle) it was good to be back in the saddle for an up and down kind of day, both

Day 27: Denia (Non Day)

It is said that the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain: today it chose to rain in Denia! At least it did from pre-dawn until the end of lunch! Accordingly today's