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Day 172: Shame Crowell State Forest

After blueberry pancakes for breakfast; the first time that I've eaten them; fantastic; why hasn't someone introduced me too them sooner?, it was a leisurely 56 mile ride to the campground. To my

Day 171: Orleans

So I left gay Provincetown at approximately 10am for an easy ride to Orleans where I stayed with Richard, from last year's South Tier group, and his family. I had a most pleasant

Day 170: Provincetown

Well folks, there is less than a week left of this year's cycling odyssey: I shall arrive in New York next Wednesday, so only 6 more days of cycling. I am therefore keen

Day 169: Boston (Rest Day)

Much walking in Boston today and a visit to the Fine Art Museum ($25, extortionate if you ask me, especially as the museums are free in the UK, you just have to pay

Day 168: Boston

Shocking! You'll no doubt be glad to hear that this morning I awoke feeling much better and eager to get back on the bike. So today I must have cycled on all possible

Day 167: Salisbury State Beach

Warning: this blog entry is not to be read by those of a particularly sensitive disposition that may be offended by the mention of bodily fluids! Well it can't be good every day