March 6, 2024

Day 69: San Fernando (Cycling)

It turns out that officially my current location is not San Fernando. Instead I'm at Camposoto! Not that there is anything much here except: some roads, roundabouts, parking spaces, cycle lanes, beach and the Mediterranean sea! Oh, and currently me and some fellow campers!

Today's cycle route was formed from two "found" cycle routes with modifications, including a bakery stop in Cadiz. Given yesterday's illegal routing error I was definitely wishing for an uneventful cycle day today and, mostly it was! At one point the route crossed water without any means of crossing said body of water without swimming! Obviously, not being Jesus, I did not walk or cycle on the water. Instead, an alternate route on terra firma was found!

The only other misadventure was when a loaf of bread I bought jettisoned itself from its bag! The noise it made as it hit the tarmac was such that I thought one of the bike's tyres had punctured in an explosive event. But, to my surprise neither tyre was flat or appeared to be deflating! I only become aware of bread overboard when the driver behind me beeped his car's horn. Obviously my first thought was "what's this impatient fool's problem" - I looked behind me - and he kindly informed me of the bread's escape - now some 50 metres or so in my wake!

I'd say I enjoyed the cycling off road, much of which was on Euro Velo 8, seeing more of old town Cadiz was quite interesting but, otherwise, the cycling was nothing to write home about: so I shan't bore you with the details - just to say: it was all just a bit too flat - I prefer the highs of routes with more up!

A couple of photos taken on Euro Velo 8 - cycle route:

And here's one of a stork (At least I think it is!)(Indeed, if you're a bit of a twitcher, there seems to be quite a wide variety of birds to feast your eyes on):

And, finally, a photo looking over Camposoto Beach to the Mediterranean:

  • Distance driven: 0
  • Distance cycled: 92 kilometres
  • Weather: Good

Today's route: