March 5, 2024

Day 68: San Fernando (Cycle)

A cycle out to Medina Sidonia:

And back to the van via Cadiz. However, I modified another person's route, which had me going over this bridge (I must admit to being a big fan of cycling over bridges and other interesting infrastructure):

When I arrived at the bridge I encountered a sign that stated only authorised vehicles were permitted to use the service road (the two single carriageways on the right hand side of the bridge). However, my "borrowed" cycle route clearly went over the bridge. So, naturally, I assumed it was okay for cyclists to use the road. Well, as I was nearing the crest of the bridge I could hear this "tooting" of a car's horn, obviously I looked to see why the horn was being sounded and discovered that it was the Civil Guardia with the occupant of the passenger seat weaving his finger in a manner consistent with the internationally recognised gesture of "you are not allowed to do what you are currently doing"!

Well, I certainly wasn't about to turn around. So I instead continued over the bridge whilst trawling my very limited Spanish vocabulary in order to come up with some words that would placate the Civil Guardia who, no doubt, would be waiting for me at the exit point. I got as far as "Lo Siento, no sé" [I'm sorry, I not know], what I didn't know how to say was "I'm an idiot from Scotland, following someone else's cycle route, and I promise not to do it again"!

When I finally made it to the exit point, the Civil Guardia were nowhere to be seen - phew, that was a relief!

Cadiz has a very interesting lighthouse (you can't get any closer to it than from where I took the photo, which is a shame)

The city is pretty low rise:

And has some interesting architecture on show:

Finally, I do like where I'm currently parked-up, it is very peaceful, away from nearby conurbations and isn't too overpopulated with bloody campers!! [It was pitch black when I arrived last night, so was pleased when the foregoing came to light in the morning]

Also, if you keep walking in the direction that the photo is pointing you will in no time reach the beach and shortly thereafter the sea - not that I've actually done so.

  • Distance driven: 0
  • Distance cycled: 120 kilometres
  • Weather: bit of a northerly headwind but, otherwise, good cycling weather, afternoon temperatures 17/18°C. Some high cloud.

Today's route: