March 22, 2024

Day 85: Alcarias (Drive/Cycle)

After going for an evening stroll in Tavira I returned to the van and, shortly thereafter it started to rain: Obviously I closed the skylights. However, this morning I was surprised to find the van covered in dust. For days the weather forecasts have predicting dust haze and, on occasions dust rain. This is the first time I've seen the aftermath of dust rain. Shame that it happened at night, it would have been interesting (at least I'm surmising that it would be!) to see the dust rain in free fall!

Here's a before and after solar panel cleaning:

  Image 1  Image 2 

Having had breakfast, cleaned solar panels and windows, it was off to Almada d'Ouro Club, which is an aire (cheap park-up) on the outskirts of Alcarais. They charge €6 per night without electricity but, I will be able to empty grey and black water, and refill fresh water tank.

Also, it was about the best location to start today's ride, which was very enjoyable. Effectively the first 20 Kilometres were spent cycling northwards adjacent to the river Guadiana, which forms the border between Portugal and Spain in these parts.

Here's a photo taken in Alcoutim (Portugal) looking towards Sanlucar de Guadiana (Spain):

On leaving Alcoutim the climbing began but, was more like a rollercoaster ride, rather than a steady upward climb. On the way I encountered these creatures frolicking on the road:

Here's a closer view of a few of them:

And, not exactly a black sheep, but can you spot the odd one out?

A thing with photographs is they do not have the ability to provide the viewer with any sense of the scents/aromas/smells that the intrepid cyclist encounters whilst out cycling. Today was a particularly aromatic day with many a plant casting it's scent.

Today's tree of the day:

This sign caught my eye:

As did this church in Santa Marta

I enjoyed the ride, except the strong easterly headwind I experienced whilst cycling on ER 124.

  • Distance driven: 25 miles
  • Distance cycled: 84 Kilometers
  • Weather: Hazy dust cloud and very warm: when I set off it was about 24°C and by mid afternoon they were nudging 30!
  • Location: Google Maps

Today's route: