March 21, 2024

Day 84: Tavira (Cycle)

If you read yesterday's post then, no doubt, you're keen to find out the cause of the intermittent periodic bike noise, well, that will be along soon enough.

But, first, today's headline: Rain delayed play!

I had been toying with the idea of a 143 kilometre cycle today. However, whilst mid breakfast making, it started raining. As a consequence, a reduced cycle length of about 100 kilometres was adopted, instead of the 143 scheduled. Kick off was about 12.40 pm.

Given the late start, there wasn't much time for phaffing! But, given the main objective of the ride was to visit "one of the most traditional villages in the inland Algarve, Cachopo" (Visit Algarve words, not mine), I did spend a short period of time to cycle explore the village - I was keen to see what the hype was all about! I'm not sure what criteria is used to define a traditional in land Algarve village but, it does have quite a large church for such a small village!

As for the cycling, the route was a bastardisation of the original longer route. And, even though it was bastardised, it was a most enjoyable route: the climbs weren't too long, nor steep, similarly nor were the descents; most of the roads were quiet and mostly well maintained; plenty of villages were passed through; and, some good views could by had whilst cycling along the ridge-line - definitely a solid 8/10!

Now for the cause of yesterday's bike noise: it turns out that the sound was generated by my starboard shoe's shoe lace "slapping" against the right hand crank - once every revolution. Moreover, the reason the noise could only be heard intermittently was because the cranks needed to be rotating fast enough for the shoe lace to hit the crank with sufficient force to create an audible sound. However, when pedalling slower and reducing the force of contact, the sound became inaudible! Problem solved!

  • Distance driven: 0
  • Distance cycled: 101 kilometres
  • Weather: Rain AM, Cloudy PM with temperatures about 24°C near sea level and about 17°C at altitudes of about 450 metres.

Today's route: