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Day 65: San Roque (Drive/Rain)

According to wikipedia, when the Anglo-Dutch forces and their Spanish allies took control of Gibraltar in 1704, during the War of Spanish Succession, former inhabitants of Gibraltar left and established the modern settlement

Day 64: Estepona (Cycle)

Firstly, I had to make an emergency van move following a mosquito invasion just as I was about to prepare the van for sleep mode last night. At that very moment I heard

Day 63: Estepona (Drive)

I didn't get a good night's sleep! I was woken up multiple times by: * Scooter noise * Multiple late arrivals * Lorrys sat with their engines running for extended periods of

Day 61: Malaga (Cycle)

Today's milestone: I have cycled in excess of 2,000 miles so far this year! (With plenty of up to enjoy as well!). There are times when I'm away

Day 60: Malaga (Rain!)

It was forecast, and it came! Rain in the AM. Sunshine and clouds in the PM. Thirteen °C in the morning and about eighteen in the afternoon. Windy all day. Moved to the

Day 58: Rincón de la Victoria (Cycling)

Headlines: A tough ride with a fantastic final descent! The problem with taking two separate Michelin scenic roads and linking them without much thought is that you can be surprised just how tough

Day 55: Salobreña (Cycle)

I had a cycle route planned for today. However, whilst checking on information regarding yesterday's ride I accidentally came across info on the Los Guájares climb, which if I made a

Day 54: Salobreña (Cycling)

Let's start by saying it was mostly a very enjoyable bike ride today. You probably don't recall that last year I cycled the "La Carretera de la Cabra

Day 51: Adra (Drive/Cycle)

Awake and up at 7AM today! Quick breakfast and a drive to Adra. Where today's ride was due to start. Unfortunately, on my arrival, I discovered that where I'd

Day 49: El Palmer (Drive)

Tabernas: An early rise (for me). Up at 7AM, and in the nearby cafe/bar/restaurant by 7.30AM for breakfast: I'd run out of breakfast food! Almeria: The main reason

Day 48: Tabernas (Cycle)

One final ride from Tabernas. It was a ride of three climbs. Here's a view from the summit of the first climb (elevation 1,250 metres) looking back from whence I

Day 46: Tabernas (Ciclismo)

Up where those clouds shroud the mountains tops is where I hope to be tomorrow. Meanwhile today was a black and white kind of day. The white, i.e., the good, was as

Day 45: Tabernas (Cycling)

On the road to Nijar: The temperature at this mornings grand depart from base camp (elevation 450m) was about 13°C; at the high point of the day (elevation 800m ) it was about

Day 44: Tabernas (Rest Day)

Due to red wind warnings, cycling today was cancelled. I did make an effort - I donned my cycling gear, offloaded my bicycle and set off: I got a little way beyond the

Day 43: Tabernas (Drive/Cycle)

When arrived at my planned destination yesterday, I did not realise that the village of Alcudia de Monteagud is at an elevation of just over one-thousand metres. However, late yesterday evening I came