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Day 56: Garrucha (Cycle)

My room with a view: Some weird looking trees: Today's ride was ok, but nothing special. It included a 10 kilometre climb and some decent descending. Otherwise nothing much to say, perhaps a

Day 55: Garrucha (Drive/Cycle)

Soon after I awoke this morning it started to RAIN! It was still at it when I'd finished my breakfast and cleaned up! This made the decision to leave Alhama de Murcia an

Day 54: Alhama de Murcia (Cycle/Drive)

The recent great cycling continued today with an ascent of Collado Bermejo. My Garmin indicated that the climb's length was 21 kilometres, with an ascent of about 1400m. However, there was some down

Day 53: Alhama de Murcia (Drive/Cycle)

Another enjoyable recovery bike ride in the sunshine. A steady, slow (obviously), 10 kilometre climb into the Sierra Espuna Regional Park, climbing to about 780m. Later there was a short impromptu offroad detour

Day 52: Murcia (Cycle)

Today is the first day of the last half of my inaugural Spanish odyssey! It was a most excellent day. What looked on paper to be a good ride turned out to be

Day 51: Murcia (Arrival)

Today marks the last day of the first half of this Spanish adventure! I am currently parked up in a massive retail car park on the northern outskirts of Murcia. At 7.30pm-ish

Day 50! El Mojon (Stationary)

A quiet day at the van! It was bike cleaning/fettling thursday (morning). Followed by vanwork and a relaxing afternoon. All leading up to the main event of the day: Barcelona vs Manchester

Day 49: El Mojon (Cycle)

Today's planned cycle was thwarted by there being no ferries running between Santiago de la Ribera and La Manga del Mar Menor. Therefore, what was going to be a mainly circular route turned

Day 48: El Mojon (Drive/Cycle)

Here I am in the ghost hamlet of El Mojon, one of three adjacent . I walked through all three and my guess is that something like 95% of the properties are currently empty.

Day 47: Agost (Cycling)

Well I thought today was going to be a wee test for these old man legs of mine and, I wasn't disappointed! However, leaving a tough climb towards the end of a ride

Day 46: Agost (Cycle)

Moved about 3.5 miles down the road to a better park-up location, which is adjacent to the Via Verde: about 4.5 kilometers from its start point (i.e., where I was

Day 45: Agost Railway Station (Arrival)

Rain delayed the start of play today. Eventually, due to inclement weather leaking into the afternoon, play for today was abandoned! Now, obviously I could have gone cycling today irrespective of the weather.

Day 44: El Campello (Cyclismo)

I mostly enjoyed today's cycle. If it had been a little warmer the descent from Puerto El Collao, elevation 890m, where the temperature was 5°C, would not have been so hypothermic! By

Day 43: El Campello (Alicante)

For various reasons I chose to visit Alicante today. Initial stop was the Central Food Market: Then, perhaps most importantly, it was off to buy bread! Followed by a visit to the Castle.

Day 42: El Campello (Cycling)

Forecast was for a rainy afternoon, so I went for a morning ride: just to stretch me legs! A view from Busot: The rain did arrive in the afternoon, but not until about

Day 41: El Campello (Cycle)

The weather forecast was for some rain, but the probability was pretty low. I therefore decided to go for a shorter ride than I'd originally planned for today. Then, if it did rain,

Day 40: El Campello (Arrival)

Phew, nearly no photo for today's post! Saved the day with an evening photo of a sextet of motorhomes/campervans: It is amazing just how much of today's time has been spent doing

Day 39: Benidorm (Another Walk!)

Sometimes you have an itch that has to be scratched! Well Benidorm become an itch for me. Firstly as a consequence of my earlier cycle ride when I'd seen some interesting buildings, which

Day 38: Relleu (Walk!)

A visit to the local bakery first thing to buy bread and a wee post walk pastel to eat with my afternoon coffee, which cost me €2.10! Today's walk was recommended to

Day 37: Relleu (Drive/Cycle)

Sunrise at the dam this morning: The first climb of the day was up to Puerte de Tudons. Although the sign says 11.4km to the top, this is from the northern outskirts

Day 34: Altea (This and That)

When I awoke this morning at about 8.15am it felt a wee bit chilly. On checking the temperature inside the van it was 1°C and, outside it was -4°C. No

Day 33: Altea (Cycling)

The thing about this blog posting malarkey is what to put in and what to leave out. Obviously nobody's interested in reading about the minutiae of van/cycle life, so there has to