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Day 166: York Harbor

I returned to "the holy donut" and had: Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt Donut Blueberry Donut Lemon Glaze Donut Cappuchino with 2 shots of espresso Grapefruit San Pellegrino (the fizzy pop

Day 165: Portland

Last night I stayed with Derek and Lindsey, and a very pleasant evening it was too. Today I cycled to Portland where I'm staying with Sheila and her family whom I met outside

Day 163: Belfast

Just like Scotland, after many days of overcast, foggy, damp weather, the sun finally makes an appearance. The ride from Bar Harbor to Belfast was a slight variation from the outward bound route.

Day 162: Bar Harbor (Resting)

Did I mention that Maine reminds me of Scotland? Well it is raining again, need I say more? But to compensate, Maine does have Desert Island Ice Cream, which sells The Dude: White

Day 161: Bar Harbor (Cycling)

Way back in the last century J. D Rockefeller Jr. directed and financed the construction of 57 miles of Carriage Roads, and 17 bridges, in what was to become Acadia National Park. These