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Day 72: Orgiva (Cycle)

A very pleasant day cycling through a few pueblos in tha Alpujarra mountains, which are located south of the Sierra Nevada. The scenery was pretty good too, as was the civil engineering encountered

Day 71: Orgiva (Arrival)

I arrived in Orgiva to discover that it is hippie central. It would appear that there are three nearby communities that arose in the latter half of the last century, two of which

Day 70: Calahonda (Hot Hot Hot Cycle!)

Summer has arrived! At least it has down here! I know I've mentioned the perceived temperature increase over the previous two days. However, on the lower slopes of this morning's climb, where there

Day 69: Calahonda (Cycle)

It turns out that what I thought was plastic netting is in fact plastic sheeting, supplemented, in some instances, with plastic netting for the sides: And here's a photo of Calahonda taken soon

Day 68: Calahonda (Arrival)

My intention was to move to Casarones, and us it as a base for a couple of cycle rides up in to the nearby hills. However, on arrival I could see that the