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Day 38: El Campello (Cycle)

For those eagerly waiting for a Leisure battery update, here is the latest news: Three days on life support has resulted in the battery being able to operate unaided. Effectively it is in

Day 37: El Campello (Rest Day)

First thing this morning I completed some van chores before returning to El Campello. It was never in my plans to stay here as long as I have. However, the need for intensive

Day 35: Camping Bon Sol (Cycle)

Today, whilst on my cycle ride, I had an inkling that the person I was closing in on was, or had been, a Royal Marine. It helped that the following words were splashed

Day 33: El Campello (Rest Day)

Very much in need of some rest but, again, woke up early (for me). However, I did manage a wee cat-knap late afternoon, after my return from a trip to Alicate. Just booked

Day 31: Altea (Drive/Cycle)

It was a foggy start to the day in Denia. Not until I'd travelled about 10 miles west of Denia did I get my first glimpse of the sun, which augured

Day 30: Denia (Rest Day!)

Firstly some background info: Over the past few days I've been experiencing voltage anxiety. This is because, given the fine weather we've had this week, I'd anticipated

Day 29: Denia (Cycling Again!)

Today was the last of this year's Denia rides with the Norton Wheelers' Denia contingent, who fly home to Sheffield tomorrow morning (sad face emoji here!). However, we did enjoy

Day 28: Denia (Yet More Cycling)

Over this this week successive days have seen an increase in temperature over the previous day. With a top temperature of about 27°C, today was no exception. We had a nice ride

Day 27: Denia (More Cycling)

Another fine day of cycling. Took on a new climb and descent, both pretty steep in places. This photo was taken at the top of the climb looking back from where we came.

Day 26: Denia (Ciclismo)

It would appear that not all of the locals appreciate outsiders coming to the environs of Denia to cycle. We found evidence of this whilst out cycling today, in the form of some

Day 25: Denia (Cycling)

A sunny day, warm in the sunshine, but a little chilly in the shade and descending after climbing. Today's route was a repeat of the first route that we undertook last

Day 24: Denia (Cycle)

I met up with Lynn, our leader of many a great cycle tour, and fellow cyclists from Sheffield. Here is a photo of Darrell at the summit of today's main climb:

Day 23: Denia (Drive)

Again, I was hoping for an early start, but no such luck, again! I awoke at 9am, and so be it. I put it down to not sleeping well. And I put that