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Day 160: Bar Harbor Campground

So having left San Diego, California, on the 24th March 2015, my most westerly point, I arrived in Bar Harbor, Maine, my most easterly point, some 154 days later on the 24th August

Day 159: Balsom Cove Campground

Whilst cycling through New England's Maine State today I was reminded of cycling in Old England and in particular Scotland: The lush green, the lakes, the hills and the inclement weather all contributed

Day 158: Camden Hills State Park

Well, fortunately for me, yesterday's weather forecast for today was incorrect, at least the rainy bit was. Instead it turned out to be a very pleasant day for cycle: overcast, so not too

Day 157: Brunswick

Today was the rainiest rainy day of the tour. It rained most of the night but, fortunately, stopped long enough to get up and pack up the tent in the dry. It them

Day 155: North Woodstock

Although I past into North Hampshire yesterday, I did not manage to photograph this until this morning: So today's plan was to cycle to Conway, which would require a reasonable amount of climbing,