January 31, 2024

Day 34: Camping Bon Sol (Nr El Campello)

I suppose it was inevitable, but I was kind of hoping it wasn't going to be so, perhaps I was in denial, and had fallen into the trap of transference but now, having finally accepted what has for days been so obviously needed, I find myself in Camping Bon Sol with the sole purpose of resurrecting my Leisure battery. It has been limping along for many days now and has, effectively, been in intensive care.

The final straw was a second day of wall-to-wall cloud cover, which effectively meant there would be no improvement in the patient and, as such, battery death was becoming more likely as the terminal voltage continued it's descent into oblivion. It was clear that the battery needed to be plugged into a life support system for a couple of days so that the battery could get an energy boost and an extended period of trickle charge!

Luckily I found a nearby campsite that had pitch availability. From where I where I parked last night to the campsite it was only two miles by van or 2 kilometres on foot or by bike.

Unfortunately, when I eventually parked-up in my designated campsite pitch (Pitch 44), I discovered that the plug for the electricity supply was not the standard that I'd been led to believe was universal in the EU (by an EEC directive)!

Fortunately, there was a shop not too far away - an hours walk round trip - where I managed to purchase a 3 metre extension cable with the required plug. All I then needed to do was cut off the female socket end and replace it with an adapter I already owned so that I could use my cable with the newly made "Heath Robinson" cable: as can be seen in the following photo (the orange cable is my original, the white one is the new cable with the required plug to go into the electricity socket (right end of cable) and the socket (the blue bit wired up and the white bit, yet to be screwed together), which my cable would plug into - you can also see the UK plug from which the blue and white bits came from, which would normally be used to plug into the house electrics to charge the battery at home in the UK). Sounds complicated, but isn't really!

Once wired up, plugged in, and with electricity flowing, it was time to put most of my "stuff" back in its rightful place having been hoicked out of its designated storage space during the hunt for the adapter!

By now it was way past lunch time, so food was next on the agenda and any thoughts of cycling today was put on the back burner until tomorrow!

Here's a photo of my van in its current park-up location, where it will be staying for the next three nights.

  • Distance driven: 2 miles
  • Distance cycled: 0
  • Weather: Overcast and warm
  • Location: Google Maps