February 9, 2024

Day 41 Santuario de Santa Eulalia(Cycling)

I arrived at this location with the view to cycling the reverse route of a ride I'd very much enjoyed last year, and then to move on to the next place on my ad hoc itinerary. In the end, I stayed for another day: 1) because this park-up location is pleasantly peaceful and 2) I'd spotted some nearby roads that were designated as being scenic (according to the Michelin atlas of Portugal and Spain).

So, instead of moving on, I plotted a 108 kilometre route that incorporated these "scenic" roads and cycled the route today. I reasoned to myself that although moving on to visit areas of Spain as yet uncharted by me, is something I'd planned to do, it should not be pursued at the expense of futher exploring areas I've already visited. Especially if I become aware of new things to explore in the locality in which I currently reside and have previously visited. To move on just to keep moving on seems illogical to me; to cycle in a new locality rather than the current one should not override all other possible options. Clearly, the cycling in and of itself is sufficient, just so long as the rides are new and worthy of exploring and/or interesting enough to repeat. Hence, in summary, I ain't going to be moving on simply to move on; thus missing out on what could be an enjoyable and interesting ride that through happenstance I've become aware of. I'm sure (well almost) this is the correct approach to take with regard to cycling and my time here in Spain. [I only say this now because, both here and at my previous location, this situation has arisen and on each occasion I was in two minds as to which would be the prudent option to take (i.e. stay and ride the new route, or move on?)].

Anyway, I stayed, I cycled, I took some photos and I was happy.
I move on tomorrow.

As a postscript, I also encountered the Via Verde Noroeaste, which I rode last year:

  • Distance driven: 0
  • Distance cycled: 108 kilometres
  • Weather: Sunny, 16°C - 23°C

Today's route: