February 9, 2024

Day 40 Santuario de Santa Eulalia(Cycle)

It would appear that the sanctuary's bells do not chime whilst we sleep ... at least this is what I'm surmising, because I didn't hear them: having said that, I was asleep!

I cycled the reverse of a ride I very much enjoyed last year. Indeed, if I recall correctly, I remember saying I'd like to do the ride again, but in reverse. It is not a very long ride, less than 60 kilometres but in that short distance there is about 22 kilometres of climbing.

The high point was at an elevation of about 1550 metres ...

... which isn't the end of the road, just the end of the road for me .... to go further would have me entering a Spanish Military Zone. Indeed, in four different languages it states:

Your are in a military zone
Wait to be identified.

Obviously, I didn't wait around to being identified. Also, with a view to evade future identification, I've shaved my beard off! Fortunately, I was wearing my helmet, so they don't know I'm bald! And I'm off to get contact lenses tomorrow!

On my return, I discovered there was a bonus climb to be had, which led to a statue of jesus surmounted upon some stuff to give it added elevation.

Along the way numerous religious sculptures can be seen. Now I'm no expert on these matters, but they looked pretty awful: but, others my think otherwise! Here's a few photos of them for your delectation .... I do appreciate that my photos my not do them justice, nor can they you may contend. So be it, they are what they are!

And, as a bonus, here is a photo of the Sanctuary and my van!

Distance driven: 0
Distance cycled: 61 kilometres
Weather: Sunshine and clouds - about 12°C at an elevation of 1550m and about 19°C at base camp.

Today's route: