February 9, 2024

Day 39: Santuario de Santa Eulalia (Nr Montisol)(Drive)

(Note: I am currently playing catch up with my posts. Due to a lack of mobile signal at this location I was unable to create this post on the day. Instead I'm writing it in the future, some four days later! But, pretend I wrote it on the day! This also holds true for the next two posts).

Tonight I have found Sanctuary at Santuario de Santa Eulalia, where I found Big Ted on tour!

Currently the sanctuary's bell sounds every 15 minutes ... hopefully someone will switch it off at bed time!

Arrived late afternoon, having completed numerous chores and hunted down a new in car (van) pd charger to replace the one that died the other day, which is used to charge a power-bank and phone whilst driving.

  • Distance driven: 94 miles
  • Distance cycled: 0
  • Weather: Mainly sunny, 20°C ish.
  • Location: Google Maps