February 3, 2024

Day 37: El Campello (Rest Day)

First thing this morning I completed some van chores before returning to El Campello.

It was never in my plans to stay here as long as I have. However, the need for intensive care for the van's leisure battery resulted in two great cycle rides, when I intended to do only one.

Moreover, there remains a ride that prior to this impromptu extended stopover I didn't know I wanted to do; precisely because I didn't know it existed! So, tomorrow, I'm off to cycle it. I chose not to do so today because after two tough rides I wanted a rest so I could fully enjoy the ride. Also, a trip to Alicante would facilitate the purchase of some sourdough bread and stock up on coffee beans. As a bonus, by accident, I found a great ice cream shop:

Flavours: Lemon sorbet, Dark chocolate, Sicilian Pistachio and, probably the tastiest, Licorice!

  • Distance driven: 2 miles
  • Distance cycled: 0
  • Weather: About 21°C and sunny
  • Location: Google Maps