January 20, 2024

Day 22: Valencia (Drive/Chores)

I meant to get an early start but, instead, I had a late one! So it goes. First task after breakfast was a trip into Valencia's Central Market to purchase key victuals which included:

  • Wholemeal seeded sourdough loaf;
  • Coffee beans (750g in total) from two different stalls;
  • A jar of orange marmalade;
  • A jar of mandarin marmalade (both from the same stall);
  • One pistachio croissant;
  • One almond croissant (both from the same shop):

Since I'm writing this the day after I bought them, I can report that both croissants were excellent and, enjoyed with a fine cup of coffee.

Having started late, everything seemed to take longer than anticipated, which wasn't helped by the fact my phone, with the U.K. sim card, kept rebooting for no apparent reason. So I decided to save the phone's settings and backup my data for a factory reset of the phone.

Unfortunately, having started the process the phone then appeared to die! I left it a while and it continued to look dead rather than alive, so I attempted to restart the damn thing, but to no avail. Further attempts were made to resurrect it, by various "power", "home" and "volume" button combinations, but still there was no sign of life in it. By now, yet another hour or so of my life had been wasted on trying to fix my phone and, I was getting to the point where, although I was loathed to do so, I was going to have to buy a new (or more probably a secondhand) phone. This is because, for numerous reasons, and even though I have a Spanish sim card, I still need access to my U.K number.

Anyhoo, guess what, taking the battery out for a while, replacing it, and pressing the power button brought the stupid thing to life again. So that was a relief. Now all I needed to do was re-install the apps, data and settings, but that had to wait. It was getting late and I still had some chores to complete:

  1. Get food for the coming week
  2. Eat something or starve!
  3. Do a laundry
  4. Empty the waste water tank
  5. Fill the fresh water tank
  6. Clean and maintain bike
  7. Clean van, inside and out
  8. Write and upload a post

Well, by about 10pm, I'd accomplished the first 3! So, it was back to the Valencia Beach park-up, for some much need sleep. After further phaffing, Bed time was about 11.30pm!

Oh, yes, I forgot to mention it mostly rained all day! Hence why items 6 and 7 weren't completed (the outside bit of item 7, anyway) - they were priorities - I'll explain why in the next post.

Meanwhile, it's photo time:

  • Distance driven: 18 miles
  • Distance cycled: 0
  • Weather: No rain for about half an hour, then rain of varying degrees of severity.
  • Back to last night's location, well, near enough!