January 20, 2024

Day 23: Denia (Drive)

Again, I was hoping for an early start, but no such luck, again! I awoke at 9am, and so be it. I put it down to not sleeping well. And I put that down to:

  • thinking/wishing I should be in Denia;
  • thinking of the chores not yet completed from yesterday's list;
  • wondering in which order to do things, in order to be most efficient in completing them;
  • whether or not some could be postponed!
  • what if I'd done some of them in Mallorca, instead of enjoying one last ride!
  • you, know that kind of merry-go-round!

Anyhoo, here's the primary reasons why everything got out of kilter:

  • a day of rain in Valencia curtailed outside activities, such as, washing the van and, more importantly, the bike etc.
  • the bike and van needed a thorough clean to remove salt!

You see, the problem, which at first I didn't perceive it as such, was the fact that my van was exposed to the elements during the nearly eight hour crossing from Palma to Valencia. Initially I was thinking, great, the van's outside, the leisure battery will be getting charged by the solar panels whilst we were crossing.

However, on arrival in Valencia, it was clear that the van was covered in salt. And, even though it rained almost all day yesterday, both the bike and van needed to have salt washed off.

Well, this is all very boring! I eventually parked up in Denia at about 6.30pm, with all chores complete! And looking forward to some jolly cycling tomorrow, yipeee!

Distance driven: 72 miles
Distance cycled: 0
Weather: mostly cloudy, but not cold!
Location:Location: Google Maps