January 22, 2024

Day 25: Denia (Cycling)

A sunny day, warm in the sunshine, but a little chilly in the shade and descending after climbing.

Today's route was a repeat of the first route that we undertook last year. It was nice to refresh my memory, because I must admit that I failed to recall about 75% of the route! Old age and all that jazz!

The big climb of the day was to Puerto de Bernie, elevation 620m

And, on the way we passed the "big man", which I did remember seeing previously!

And, here's a view from the lunch stop, looking towards Calp:

And, it was mainly downhill from here, just one wee bump, about 6 miles from the ride's end.

Another, enjoyable day out on the bike.

On return to the van I moved it with the aim of increasing the solar panels' time in the sun: currently the leisure battery could do with maximal charge time as it is struggling to achieve ideal terminal voltage.

  • Distance driven: 0
  • Distance cycled: 84 kilometres
  • Weather: Mainly sunny, so warm whilst exposed to the sun, but rather chilly in the shade.

Today's route: