January 26, 2024

Day 29: Denia (Cycling Again!)

Today was the last of this year's Denia rides with the Norton Wheelers' Denia contingent, who fly home to Sheffield tomorrow morning (sad face emoji here!).

However, we did enjoy another great ride in the Spanish January sunshine (happy face emoji here!).

Here we see a view looking west, in the direction of travel, from the top of the Coll de Rates, elevation 626m:

Here looking east, from whence we came:

According to the "exif" metadata, the time taken between each of the foregoing photos is only 2 minutes. Within those two minutes, whilst travelling from one side of the gravel car park to the other, I fell of my bike (another sad face emoji here!). Fortunately, nothing was seriously dented nor damaged; accept for my pride!

Here's Darrell and Russ at the start of the final official climb of the week:

And, here's a trio of bikes at the top.

On the return to Denia it was ice cream o'clock, which is always a good time of the day (happy face emoji here!)!

Very much hoping there will be a next time!

  • Distance driven: 0
  • Distance cycled: 98 kilometres
  • Happy versus sad face emoji count: Dead heat!
  • Weather: Similar to yesterday.

Today's route: