February 14, 2024

Day 48: Tabernas (Cycle)

One final ride from Tabernas.

It was a ride of three climbs. Here's a view from the summit of the first climb (elevation 1,250 metres) looking back from whence I came:

I'm led to believe that to look back and review what you've just done is a wise thing to do, for example: did your pacing strategy work?; did you keep well hydrated? was your carbohydrate intake sufficient and effective? did you have a good night's sleep? were you well rested prior to today's activity ... etc. etc. Having undertaken such reflection you can take onboard any lessons learnt or, alternatively: say fuck-it, what's next: a descent, great! Vamos!
Here's a view of what came next:

The second climb ended at Collado Venta Luisa (altitude 1970m) ...

... and, if I'd turned left, my next port of call would have been the Calar Alto, again! Instead I continued straight into the descent down to Collado del Conde (1,870m).

Some additional loss of elevation brought me to another pass: the puerto de collado Ramel (1,694m).

The descent finally ended at the village of Bacares (1180m), where the third, and final, climb began to the Alto Velefique (last year it was foggy and very cold - I sheltered from the wind behind that stone artifact whilst I donned additional clothing and quickly departed - descent was absolutely freezing!):

It was effectively all downhill from here to the van: a distance of about 29 kilometres and a loss in height of about 1,360 metres.

According to the route planning app (ridewithgps) the total ascent of the ride was predicted to be about 3,000 metres, the garmin (navigational aid), at ride's end, gave a figure of 2,600 metres.

I would also add the direction in which I rode the route is the easier way to go. I chose this direction because I'd descended the climb up to collado Venta Luisa, yesterday and, thus, thought it would be better to climb it today; and, I'd previously climbed the Alto Velefique from the other direction (which is much harder) and wanted to experience the climb from the opposite direction.

Bonus photograph - looking up to Alto Velefique:

All-in-all a pretty tough, but enjoyable day riding a route that I'd wanted to do for some time.

  • Distance driven: 0
  • Distance cycled: 107 kilometres
  • Weather: Mostly 100% high cloud cover (6,000 - 7,500 metres), 22°C in the morning, 16°C later and, about 12°C at Alto Velefique.

Today's route: