February 15, 2024

Day 49: El Palmer (Drive)

An early rise (for me). Up at 7AM, and in the nearby cafe/bar/restaurant by 7.30AM for breakfast: I'd run out of breakfast food!

The main reason for rising early was to get to the (heavily researched for) panadería for 9AM (opening time) to purchase an integral masa madre pan (wholemeal sourdough loaf, to you and me). I was on time and was pleased to see there were two available - I left with one.

Next task was to stock up with victuals, which required visits to three supermarkets. Lidl because I needed to get my van out of thier car park: I'd parked there for convenience in getting to the panadería but, needed to get the car park ticket validated by the cashier and it required a minimum spend of €5!

Then it was off to Carrefour for the main shop. Followed by Aldi, which is the only place I know of where you can get mini peppers! A much needed ingredient for my salads.

The Laundaret was the next stop and, eventually I arrived at my current park-up in El Palmar at about 3pm.

After, a snack, coffee and a few biscuits I fell asleep listening to the radio! Mucho knackardo!

The Palmer's van at El Palmer:

... and then I saw this miniature cat in front of some pebbles!

  • Distance driven: 32 miles
  • Distance cycled: 0 kilometres
  • Weather: mainly overcast, 21°C and a few spots of rain at about 5PM
  • Location: Google Maps