February 16, 2024

Day 50: El Palmer (Rest Day!)

Day 50 already! Doesn't time fly and all that jazz! In 64 days I'll be on the ferry to Blighty!

Given that much of yesterday was taken up with chores I decided to take a rest day today even though I've spent most of it planning routes and forming an itinerary for the coming days.

Indeed, today was so relaxing that it has only just occurred to me, at about 9.30pm, as I was preparing for an early night!, that I haven't created today's post. So here it is. Apart from the foregoing words there's the following photograph and some concluding remarks. Enjoy!

About this photo and my current location: my van is approximately five metres back from this road and Almeria can be seen in the distant to the left of the photograph. Many fishermen visit at night. It is very quiet, peaceful and relaxing. I would definitely stop here again. (There is a cafe/bar/restaurant/music venue, a little further along from where I'm parked but it is currently closed - it opens at 11.30am tomorrow, but I shan't be about to find out what the consequences are to the tranquillity!). Oh, yes, I have noted that the local police regularly pass by both day and night; maybe that is why it is so peaceful!!

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  • Weather: Mainly overcast (high clouds) with temperatures in the low twenties C.