February 19, 2024

Day 53: Salobreña (This and That!)

Some good ideas can appear to be bad ideas when poorly executed!

As the sun got up (7:59AM) so did I. The cunning plan was to have a delayed breakfast, which would be consumed following a cycle into Motril to purchase a loaf of bread. The round trip was about 26 kilometres (about 16 miles).

A leisurely cycle was undertaken, which had me arriving at Motril's award winning bread maker's bakery (El Mastrén Pan Ecológico) at about 9AM. Inside the bakery, I was looking to choose a loaf when it suddenly occurred to me that I'd arrived at the bakery without money! Clearly, a good idea poorly executed!

By the time I actually settled down to eat my breakfast it was 12.15PM! So it goes ... it does mean that I ended up with some leisurely cycling, doing some cycle maintenance, undertaking a quick visit to the supermarket to top up consumables and a stroll along the promenade!

This chap was driving his contraption down the pedestrian/cycle path!

La Bahía - Don't you just love it?

Today's tree: a shadow of its form or self!

  • Distance driven: 0 miles
  • Distance cycled: 32 kilometres
  • Weather: Sunshine - Temps: high teens into low twenties.