February 20, 2024

Day 54: Salobreña (Cycling)

Let's start by saying it was mostly a very enjoyable bike ride today.

You probably don't recall that last year I cycled the "La Carretera de la Cabra or The Goat's Path. It is a climb that starts in Almuñécar, at sea level, and ends a little beyond the restaurant "Meson Los Prados", at an elevation of about 1,340 metres.

I did note that the restaurant was yet again closed!

Whereas last year I rode up to the summit and did a u-turn, this year I made a loop of it, which resulted in a longer ride of about 126 kilometres.

Here's a photo of La Carretera de la Cabra taken about 5 kilometres from the summit:

On reaching the summit you find your self on a high plain, and the road undulates for about 10 kilometres, then it is mostly downhill to the coast. As you start to descend you soon encounter traffic, some of which is large aggregate lorries, which is not so good, but there is a bit of a hard shoulder and they do tend to give you a wide berth but, are travelling pretty fast. Later, when you join the A323A the traffic is quite busy for about 12 kilometres (it is quieter after Dúrcal). Effectively, the roads are pretty quiet from there all the way to the outskirts of Salobreña.

  • Distance driven: 0
  • Distance cycled: 126 kilometres
  • Weather: Nice and cool when I set off at about 9am, mid afternoon (according to the garmin (navigational aid)) the T was up to about 24 C.

Today's route: