February 12, 2024

Day 46: Tabernas (Ciclismo)

Up where those clouds shroud the mountains tops is where I hope to be tomorrow.

Meanwhile today was a black and white kind of day.

The white, i.e., the good, was as follows:

  • getting off the N340A and cycling to Lucainena De Las Torres;
  • cycling the 15 kilometres of the Via Verde from Lucainena De Las Torres to Venta del Pobre (the Via Verde I partially rode yesterday);
  • riding on the A1102 to Sorbas, which provided some excellent cycling and scenic views.

The black, i.e, the not so good, perhaps, even bad:

  • Riding on the N340A (both the ride's start and end required use of this road - there are signs warning drivers to pass cyclists by at least 1.5 metres - but it's just not a nice road to ride on;
  • riding from Sobras to Uleila del Campo was a drag, which wasn't helped by a large component of headwind;
  • actually, headwinds hampered progress from there all the way to Tabernas. Indeed, with only about 8 kilometres to go I made a pit stop at a Repsol petrol station for an emergency refuel, which consisted of a Coke and a Bounty. The headwind was made worse by being out of the hills and in a wide open exposed valley, which the wind whistled down.

Here are some photos taken along the route:
The start of the Via Verde

A view from the Via Verde

On the road to Sobras:

Perhaps you're looking for a little bolthole in Spain?:


Finally, on the road Uleila del Campo:

  • Distance driven: 0
  • Distance cycled: 101 kilometres
  • Weather: Some cloud at times; Temperature at 10AM 23°C; cycling at about 2.30PM in the sunshine, the Garmin was indicating a Temperature of 26.8°C

Perhaps, the combination of temperature and headwinds goes some way to explaining why I'm knackered this evening!

Update: Oh yes, and by the way, I've just discovered that my legs are protesting by inflicting cramp upon me! ..... And I've got a headache!

Today's route: