February 10, 2024

Day 44: Tabernas (Rest Day)

Due to red wind warnings, cycling today was cancelled.

I did make an effort - I donned my cycling gear, offloaded my bicycle and set off: I got a little way beyond the entrance gate to the cemetery before coming to the realisation that this was probably not going to be my best idea of the day. It was already blowing a hooley and was predicted to get worse before easing. So it goes - cycling in strong winds when there is little or no cover is probably not the wisest thing to do!

However, it did give me the opportunity to do some vanwork and then some bike maintenance: including changing out the front brake pads, which have seen a lot of action since installation last August, e.g, the Pyrenees, Mallorca descents and a multitude of descents here in Southern Spain. It had been preying on my mind over recent days that, given the action they've encountered, they probably needed changing out or, at least checked out - just in case. It turned out that they were on the cusp of needing to be changed - so changed they were. The rear brakes were less warn, so remain in situ.

Tomorrow's weather is also not looking good for the kind of cycling I wish to do (naturally it involves a good degree of cycling up and down!). I've considered moving on westward, but the weather currently doesn't appear to be any better westward than here abouts. I'll take a "rain check" tomorrow morning.

Here we are sheltering from the wind!

  • Distance driven: 0
  • Distance cycled: about 100 metres or so!
  • Weather: Mainly clear skies, did I mention it was windy!, and quite warm when sheltered from that there wind.