February 29, 2024

Day 63: Estepona (Drive)

I didn't get a good night's sleep! I was woken up multiple times by:

  • Scooter noise
  • Multiple late arrivals
  • Lorrys sat with their engines running for extended periods of time (3ish and 5.30ish)

Accordingly, I did not (officially) awake until about 9 o'clock.

All thoughts of cycling were put to bed and, instead, it was a morning and early afternoon of vanwork, a haircut and beard trim!, followed by a drive to Estepona (home to at least two Irish pubs) and a supermarket sweep!

I do believe that this evening I had my first glimpse of the Rock of Gibraltar, in silhouette, which I last saw in the late 1980's!

Tonight I reside here (which I hope will be quieter than last night!):

  • Distance driven: 50 miles (the road was very busy, which I wasn't expecting)
  • Distance cycled: 0
  • Weather: Winndy and sunny
  • Location: Google Maps