February 23, 2024

Day 57: Rincón de la Victoria (Cycle)

I thought I was tired when I retired to my bed last night, and not waking up until 9AM this morning I offer as evidence that I was!

Today's short ride was planned to take me via an "artisan ice cream" establishment I spied yesterday whilst en route to the bread shop. The route had me cycling into the hills where the grapes are grown to make Muscatel wine, which is in an area called "Axarquia". Along the way I passed through many pueblos synonymous with the growing of the grapes and production of the wine:

From these hill villages it was mainly downhill (maximum elevation 620 metres) to ice cream in Torre del Mar. In a word, the ice cream was mediocre! I'd give it a 5/10! So it goes!

Later, I spied this specimen (Elanguesco braseatorium) [more commonly known as "Brewer's Droop"!] - obviously!:

  • Distance driven: 0
  • Distance cycled: 67 kilometres
  • Weather: Cloudy and cooler (12°C - 18°C).

Today's route: