March 18, 2024

Day 81: Loulé (Maintenance Monday!)

As a result of Maintenance Monday my bike is road worthy again having had a service, including:

  • Removal of old cable detritus from 11 speed gear shifter.
  • Re-installation of shifter
  • Install new gear cable
  • Adjust shifter indexing
  • Re-wrap right hand bar tape
  • Adjust front and rear brakes
  • Clean and lube chain
  • Clean cassette and chainrings
  • General clean of remainder of bike

Lunch was followed by vanwork, including:

  • Clean solar panels
  • Clean off insect remains and bird poop
  • Clean Lights
  • Fix sticky sliding window
  • Wipe internal surfaces
  • "Hoover"
  • General tidy

Photo of the van, following clean, in full ventilation mode - it has be rather warm and muggy today!

Coffee and biscuits was followed by:

  • Research for next park-up location
  • Find a sourdough bakery for bread tomorrow
  • Research cycle routes for the coming days, including creating gpx files for the garmin (navigational aid)
  • Take photos for this post
  • Write this post

When I've completed this post (it is currently about 6pm) I shall wash up and then make this evening's dinner.

Here's a photo of today's " Tree of the Day":