March 9, 2024

Day 72: La Rabida (Rain Further Delays Play!)

More rain today ... but I did get out of the van for a walk and a visit to the Monasterio de Santa María de la Rábida (The Franciscan Friary). Unfortunately, due to the destructive force of Storm Bernard (22/23 October 2023), I was unable to make a visit to the replica ships of Christopher Columbus's first voyage: the visitor attraction was closed whilst repairs are being made. So you'll just havd to make do with this photograph of a photograph:

I did enter the friary because I was intrigued by the "Our Lady of Miracles Saint Mary of La Rábida" and that Pope John Paul had chosen to crown it and when doing so named it "Mother of Spain and the Americas"!! - And, the entrance fee was only €3 - And, it was raining!

I don't know why but, I was expecting a larger statue than that which was before me: something on the scale of Michelangelo's David! In fact, it is only 52 centimetres tall and is carved in alabaster. Here's a close up:

And, here's a photo of the monastery and a sculpture that caught my eye;

And of a tall column with associated lead-in:

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  • Weather: More rain separated by dry spells and, eventually some sunshine at about 5pm.